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Do You Want to Explore Deep Space on Your Computer?

Here is a 3D space simulator software that will enable you to explore deep space in an awesome, 3-dimensional view on the monitor of your computer. You'll be able to simulate a flight from the surface of the Earth to any destination in outer space. You will be able to travel in any direction, at any speed, and in any time in the present, past, or future!

What is a Space Simulator?

A space simulator is a set of equipment and related software used to create a simulated view or experience of outer space. It uses sophisticated mechanical equipment, computer hardware and software to replicate on Earth, the experiences of traveling in a spacecraft in outer space. It attempts to imitate outer space as realistically as possible.

The simulation equipment may include replicas of spacecraft that are made to float in huge hydraulic chambers in such a manner that weightlessness can be simulated up to a certain degree. They may create vacuum, radiation, motion, cryogenic and extreme temperatures to mimic conditions found in outer space. The equipment may also include hardware such as large cranes, simpits or complete imitations of the cockpits of spacecraft.

Some of the most advanced space simulators are used to train astronauts, to study physics, and to design spacecraft by aerospace industry. For example, the European Space Agency's, "European Space Research and Technology Center (ESTEC)," located in Netherlands, uses the "Large Space Simulator (LSS)" to test the operation of full-size spacecraft in conditions that closely represent those of outer space. It also tests large artificial satellites and systems under conditions that closely resemble those found in orbit.

In USA, a $500,000 space simulator at the Los Alamos National Laboratory uses a cluster of about 300 computer processors to model some of the most complex phenomena of the outer space. This supercomputer performs trillions of floating point operations per second to simulate some of the most intriguing aspects of the Universe.

Apart from these high-end space simulators used by scientific and aerospace agencies such as NASA and ESA for training, research and testing, many space flight simulators and space games have been developed for the entertainment and education of general public. These can be used by students and professional astronomy enthusiasts. For example, 3DAstronomer, which is described below. It is the best 3D space simulator software (see its review). It is very popular among space enthusiasts.

Space Simulator

Introducing Your Own Professional Space Simulator Software: 3DAstronomer

3DAstronomer is a feature-rich, affordable, versatile and easy to use 3D space-simulator. This astronomy software can run on a computer or laptop that meets modest system requirements. Unlike other space flight games or simulators, you don't require additional hardware or gadgets to run this realistic astronomy software.

When you run it on your computer, you will see a view of the Universe. You may think that everything is static, but actually everything is moving as it does in real time and space. You can speed-up the process and see how the Moon orbits the Earth and how the Earth and other planets revolve around the Sun.

You can simulate a flight from the surface of the Earth to the far reaches of the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond. You can explore the Earth, the Moon, the planets, the moons of the planets, asteroids, comets, about 100 Solar-System destinations, about 60 newly-discovered extra-solar planets, and over 100,000 stars and celestial bodies in stunning, 3-dimensional views on the monitor of your laptop or PC. You can simulate a journey to any of these destinations in the Universe at hyper-speeds.

The data used by this space simulator comes from a real scientific database based on the Hipparcos Space Astrometry Mission, a mission of the European Space Agency (ESA) that was devoted to accurately measure the positions, distances, velocities, parallaxes and luminosities of 100,000+ stars and other celestial bodies. This software uses Hipparcos data along with computer instructions for the simulation of space journeys, calculating the past or future positions of various celestial bodies, etc. It uses the known data, sophisticated math, and computer instructions to do so within seconds.

What can you do with this 3D Space-Simulator Software?

Here is what you will be able to do with this easy-to-use, 3D space-simulator software: -

A unique feature of this product is that you can download it directly from the Internet and get started within a few minutes from now. However, if you would like to have a physical version, you can order that as well (see product types). The 'physical version', available as a set of 4 DVDs, contains some extra high-resolution images and graphics.

What are the two different product types of 3DAstronomer?

This space simulator software is available in two forms. You can either get the downloadable package or the physical package. The physical package consists of a set of 4 DVDs.

Downloadable Version Vs Physical Product: -

If you order the downloadable package, you can download it within a few minutes from now after logging-in to your member's area on the 3DAstronomer website. If you order a physical package, it will be delivered to your postal address by a postman.

The size of the downloadable package is about 120 MB (97.1 MB Installer and 22.2 MB Documentation/Help Manual). The downloadable version was created so that it can be easily downloaded by almost anyone with an internet connection. It is good for people who don't like to wait for a postman.

The physical package consists of a set of 4 DVDs. One of the 4 DVDs contains all the contents of the downloadable package mentioned above, and the remaining 3 DVDs contain some real-life, high resolution imagery. The physical package was created for die-hard astronomy enthusiasts who find it hard to settle for anything less than perfect. You can keep the physical package for yourself or gift-wrap it and give it to someone special.

To order the physical package, check the checkbox on the order page as shown below: -

System Requirements and other Technical Data

The 3DAstronomer space simulator software requires modest system requirements. Here are the minimum system requirements: -

Software License: When you purchase a copy of this space simulator software, you get a multi-PC license. This means that you can legally install and run it on as many computers and laptops as you like. Doing so won't cost you any extra money.

Updates and Upgrades: 3DAstronomer is a constantly evolving astronomy software. The developers constantly develop new features or improve the existing ones, which means that it gets better with the passage of time. Unlike other applications, you get all the new updates and upgrades free of any cost. This ensures that you have the latest and the best application running on your computer at any time.

Ease of Use: It is very easy to install, configure, run and use this space simulator software. The learning curve is super-low. You can soar through outer space in a few minutes from now. The graphical user interface (GUI) is very intuitive and you can easily navigate using a few clicks or keystrokes. You will enjoy playing with the menu bar options just to see what they do. The menus and icons are intuitive, visually appealing, and easy to use. You can point, click, zoom, view info, and do more with great ease. You will also get a comprehensive flight manual and tutorials that will show you how to fly and move around fast.

User Level: It has settings and controls that even a child can use. However, its ease of use does not mean that it is a toy. This space simulator software is used by children, educators, professional astronomers, astrophysicists and astronomy enthusiasts.

Database: It uses data from the Hipparcos Catalog, a professional 3D astronomy database based on the European Space Agency's (ESA's) Hipparcos Space Astrometry Mission. It also integrates real, high-resolution pictures from NASA's space exploration missions. It uses this data along with complex math and computer instructions to simulate space journeys, determine the past or future positions of various celestial bodies, etc. This makes the virtual journeys through outer space seem very realistic.

Help and Support: The help desk staff provides ongoing support. You get a comprehensive flight manual and tutorials along with the software. You also get access to members area for life.

Customizability: The software is fully customizable. You have access to its full source code. In fact you can enjoy many add-ons that have been developed by the open source community. If you are a computer geek, you might love to modify the source code to add your own innovative features. You might love to make your own contributions by developing cool add-ons or updates for the community. Further, the display features are highly configurable and you can easily add or remove detail.

What if you don't like this space simulator software?

Will this space simulator meet or exceed all your expectations? You'll never know until you try it out right away. Be assured that you have an iron-clad, 60-day money back guarantee (no questions asked).

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