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Universe DVD Series - The Universe Show, Cosmos, etc.

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Here are the most popular Universe DVD series. The Universe show by History Channel, The Cosmos by Carl Sagan, and other TV Series DVDs on astronomy.

If you like watching science documentaries on TV channels such as Discovery, National Geographic, BBC, History, PBS/NOVA, etc., here is something that you are absolutely going to love. The most popular TV series on astronomy are now available on DVDs and Blu-ray disks. These universe DVD series contain hours and hours of entertaining and educative videos on astronomy. Here are the top three sets of Universe DVDs/Blu-ray disks on astronomy: -

  1. The Universe Show
  2. The Cosmos
  3. The Journey to The Edge of The Universe

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# 1 - The Universe Series

The first five seasons of The Universe show were broadcast between 2007 and 2010 by the History Channel to an audience of millions of TV viewers. This immensely popular astronomy series is now available on DVDs and Blu-ray disks.

This DVD set contains the first 5 seasons of The Universe and a total of 63 episodes in which prominent astronomers, astrophysicists, and cosmologists explain the mysteries of the Universe. The videos contain amazing, state-of-the-art CGI built upon high-definition footage from NASA. They take you on absolutely mesmerizing journeys across the Universe.

Here are a few sample video clips from The Universe series: -

Video Clip # 1
A sample from the "Unexplained Mysteries" episode

Video Clip # 2
A sample from the "7 Wonders of the Solar System" episode

Video Clip # 3
A sample from the "End of The Earth" episode

Video Clip # 4
A sample from the "Parallel Universes" episode

Video Clip # 5
A sample from the "Star Wars" episode

The Universe Show - Complete Series Megaset
DVD Bluray
The Universe Show - Complete Series Megaset (DVD) The Universe Show - Complete Series Megaset (Blu-rays)
Order from: - Order from: -
Canada. Canada.

N.B. The Universe show's Season 6 is not present on this mega collection set and can be purchased separately. The above megaset contains the first 5 seasons and all of their 63 episodes with additional, bonus documentaries (50+ hours of videos).

If you want to know more details about each of the the 63 episodes, or if you reside outside USA/Canada, or if you want to order only a particular season of the show instead of the whole show, or if you want more information about these Universe DVD series/Blu-ray disk series, visit www.UniverseDVDs.com for details.

#2 - The Cosmos by Carl Sagan

Cosmos, A Personal Voyage is one of the most popular TV series on cosmology. Broadcast in more than 60 countries and seen by over 500 million people around the world, this Emmy and Peabody award winning TV Series is a timeless masterpiece presented by Carl Sagan. It is now available on an enhanced, digitally remastered set of DVDs. It consists of 13 episodes and about 13 hours of videos.

Carl Sagan possessed a rare talent of explaining some of the most complex scientific theories in an easy-to-grasp language. He had a rare talent of creating a zest for science and making complex scientific ideas both comprehensible and exciting. If you have ever felt sleepy listening to a boring lecture on physics, Carl Sagan's videos will be a pleasantly contrasting and refreshing change.

Here are a few video clips from the Cosmos TV Series: -

Video Clip # 1
Carl Sagan explains the 4th dimension.

Video Clip # 2
The "speed of light constant" and the ruminations of a high-school
dropout who's theories changed the course of modern civilization.

Video Clip # 3
The strange phenomena of "Time Dilation"

Carl Sagan's Cosmos
Carl Sagan's Cosmos
Order from: -
(UK Import).

# 3 - Journey to the Edge of the Universe

National Geographic's Journey to the Edge of the Universe is a 90 minute journey from the Earth to the far reaches of the known Universe. Here is a video clip from this program: -

The Journey to the Edge of the Universe
DVD Bluray
The Journey to the Edge of the Universe (DVD) The Journey to the Edge of the Universe (Blu-ray)
Order from: - Order from: -
Canada. Canada.
UK. UK (US Import).

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