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ISS - Spectacular International Space Station Videos and Tours

Here are some of the most amazing ISS videos and tours. Take a peek inside the International Space Station and watch the awesome views from low earth orbit. This is page 4 of the space videos collection. Use the navigation pager near the bottom of each page to view all other pages.

The International Space Station (ISS) is the largest human-made artificial satellite orbiting the Earth. This habitable, space-based research laboratory orbits the Earth about 16 times every single day at an altitude of about 370 to 460 kilometers (230 to 286 miles) above the sea-level. It is a joint project of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the Russian Federal Space Agency (RSA/RKA/Roscosmos), Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), the European Space Agency (ESA), and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA).

The ISS provides an ideal space environment for studying the challenges of long-duration space travel, for observing the effects of microgravity on living and non-living things, and for conducting experiments relevant to physics, space technology, meteorology, astronomy, biology, human physiology, medicine, neuroscience, and lots of other fields.

The International Space Station (ISS) Seen from Space Shuttle Endeavour in May 2011. ISS Credits: NASA.

The ISS is an engineering marvel. It was built in many stages by launching its modular components and joining them in space. Its first component was launched in 1998. Today it is as big as a football field, considering its total length and width, which includes its solar panels (see the picture above). Sometimes it is visible to the naked eye from the surface of the Earth. You can find out when it might be visible from your area by visiting NASA's SkyWatch page.

The ISS completes one orbit around the Earth in just 1 hour, 32 minutes and 50 seconds. It travels with an average speed of 7.7 kilometers per second (4.79 miles per second). You can find its current position from NASA's orbital tracking or ESA's ISS tracker page.

Inside the ISS, the total pressurized volume is 916 cubic meters (32,333 cubic feet), and the total habitable volume is 388 cubic meters (13,696 cubic feet -- the size of a comfortable, five-bedroom house). It has two bathrooms and even a fitness center. Its solar panels generate about 84,000 watts of power. It has a mass of 419,455 kilograms (924,739 pounds). Its systems are controlled by fifty-two computers and about 2.2 million lines of code.

Breathtaking Night Views of the Earth from ISS

This awesome video shows breathtaking views of the Earth captured from the International Space Station at night. You'll get a wonderful feeling of flying more than 400 kilometers (350 miles) above the sea-level. Below you'll see white clouds, dark blue seas, yellowish city lights, thunderstorms and flashes of lightning, and even colorful auroras. The golden haze visible on the horizon is the Earth's atmosphere. This video was edited by David Peterson. The music is by "Two Steps from Hell."

Credits: NASA/The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth; David Peterson/Bitmeizer; Two Steps from Hell.

Walking in the Air

Here is another spectacular video made by NASA. They have combined a number of time-lapse sequences photographed from the International Space Station by the crew members of Expedition 30. It'll take you across continents, on a virtual journey in low earth orbit. You'll see stars, greenish auroras, dazzling city lights, clouds, storms/lightening, oceans, moonset, and even Comet Lovejoy (at 2:45 minutes). The music is "Walking in the Air" by Howard Blake.

Credits: NASA/Expedition 30 Crew; Howard Blake & Peter Auty (Music).

Moonset Seen from the ISS

This silent video shows the Moon setting over the horizon. The crew members of Expedition 30 captured it from the International Space Station in January 2012. The space station was traveling toward northeast over the Atlantic Ocean.

Credits: Image Science & Analysis Laboratory/NASA-Johnson Space Center/The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth.

Around the World in the ISS

This video shows the Earth seen from the International Space Station. It was shot in 2011 by the crew members of Expeditions 28 and 29, and edited by Robert Gawdzik. It is set to very relaxing music -- Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata."

Credits: NASA/The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth; Robert Gawdzik.

How to Drink Coffee in Micro Gravity

In a weightless environment astronauts drink liquids by sucking them from a bag. In this video, astronaut Don Pettit shows how he made a special cup to drink coffee in the weightless environment of the ISS. Notice how the coffee doesn't spill when the cup is slanted or even turned upside down.

Do we need gravity to swallow food? The answer is no, because 'peristalsis' or a wavelike movement produced by radially symmetrical contraction and relaxation of smooth muscles of the esophagus (gullet or food-pipe) pushes liquids and food from the mouth to the stomach.

Credits: NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center/Marshall TV, Don Petit/STS-126.

An Awesome Tour of the ISS with Sunitha Williams

Here is an awesome, 25-minute tour of the International Space Station with Expedition-33 station commander, Sunita Williams (of NASA). Discover what is inside each of the modules and research facilities of the station. You'll also get to know the work that has taken place and which is ongoing aboard the space station.

Credits: NASA/NASA Television, Sunita Williams/Expedition 33 Crew.

Inside the International Space Station - Part 1

Here is an another awesome tour of the ISS with astronaut Michael Fincke of NASA. The following four videos will show you what is inside the International Space Station: -

Credits: NASA/NASA Television, Michael Fincke/Expedition 18 Crew.

Inside the International Space Station - Part 2

Credits: NASA/NASA Television, Michael Fincke/Expedition 18 Crew.

Inside the International Space Station - Part 3

Credits: NASA/NASA Television, Michael Fincke/Expedition 18 Crew.

Inside the International Space Station - Part 4

Credits: NASA/NASA Television, Michael Fincke/Expedition 18 Crew.

Returning Back from the ISS

Let us take a journey back home from the International Space Station. This video shows beautiful views of the Earth seen from space. These views were captured by NASA astronauts, Ron Garan and Mike Fossum. The music is "Down to Earth" by Peter Gabriel.

Credits: NASA, Ron Garan/Mike Fossum/Expedition 28 Crew.
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