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Links to HD Space Pictures of Various Resolutions

Space pictures optimized for the web are displayed throughout this website. Here are links to corresponding high-definition images of various resolutions. You might want to take their printouts or use them as wallpapers or desktop backgrounds.

To download a picture to your computer, right-click an image link and select the appropriate option from the context menu to save it to your hard drive. The option to save the picture depends upon your browser. For example: -

>>>===> Please note the resolution and size of an image before downloading it -- some of the files are very large (>50 MB).

Galaxy Pictures

Andromeda Galaxy (M31) in the Visible Light Spectrum: -

8192x8192; 14.9MB   2048x2048; 656KB   1024x1024; 184KB   400x400; 25KB

Andromeda Galaxy (M31) in the Ultraviolet Spectrum: -

6000x4500; 21.4MB   1920x1080; 2.85MB   1600x1200; 3.46MB   1366x768; 1.45MB   1024x768; 1.43MB   800x600; 901KB

Sombrero Galaxy (M104) in Visible Light: -

11472x6429; 34.2MB   4000x2242; 4.79MB   2048x1536; 1.0 MB   1600x1200; 522KB   1280x1024; 338KB   1280x717; 89.4KB   1024x768; 185KB

Sombrero Galaxy (M104) in Infrared Light: -

3000x1681; 1.2MB   1600x1200; 507KB   1280x1024; 347KB   1280x717; 113KB   1024x768; 211KB

Whirpool Galaxy (M51): -

2000x1388; 464KB   1600x1200; 290KB   1024x768; 124KB   800x600; 67KB

The Cartwheel Galaxy (ESO 350-40): -

1500x1500; 1.9MB   1500x1500; 851KB   450x450; 40KB

Centaurus-A Galaxy (NGC 5128, Caldwell 77): -

2808x2957; 2.4MB   2048x1536; 969KB   1920x1200; 713KB   1600x1200; 618KB   1280x1348; 323KB   1280x1024; 453KB   1024x768; 298KB

Antennae Galaxies (NGC 4038/39, Caldwell 60/61): -

3915x3885; 6MB   2048x1536; 1.4MB   1600x1200; 771KB   1280x1024; 492KB   1280x1270; 268KB   1024x768; 291KB   800x600; 58KB

Arp 273 - A Cosmic Rose of Interacting Galaxies: -

3946x4000; 8.7MB   2048x1536; 905KB   1920x1200; 570KB   1600x1200; 511KB   1280x1297; 167KB   1280x1024; 326KB   1024x768; 191KB

Cigar Galaxy (M82) - Optical & Infrared Composite Image: -

9500x7400; 42.2MB   4000x3116; 9.2MB   2048x1536; 1.5MB   1600x1200; 760KB   1280x1024; 485KB   1024x768; 271KB

Cigar Galaxy (M82) - Optical, Infrared, & X-Ray Composite Image: -

4299x3490; 9MB   1500x1218; 334KB   960x779; 74KB   720x584; 278KB   589x478; 42KB

Interacting Galaxies NGC 6872 and IC 4970: -

4724x4724; 6.4MB   4000x4000; 7.8MB   2048x1536; 1.3MB   1920x1200; 972KB   1600x1200; 605KB   1280x1280; 194KB   1280x1024; 382KB   1024x768; 227KB

Bode's Galaxy (M81): -

22620x15200; 74MB   6000x4032; 32MB   1280x860; 1MB   1000x672; 93KB

NGC 3190 Galaxy: -

3700×3018; 2MB   1256x1024; 91KB   942x768; 48KB   735x600; 29KB

Hoag's Object: -

1521x1489; 401KB   1046x1024; 260KB   800x783; 58KB

Ring Galaxy AM 0644-741: -

2500x1637; 5.3MB   1280x838; 237KB   1024x671; 138KB   800x524; 82KB

Overlapping Galaxies NGC 3314A and NGC 3314B: -

3276x2928; 5.2MB   2048x1536; 1.5MB   1920x1200; 1MB   1600x1200; 838KB   1280x1144; 238KB   1280x1024; 524KB   1024x768; 294KB

ESO 325-G004 Galaxy in the Abell S0740 Cluster of Galaxies: -

3430x3813; 15MB   1280x1151; 436KB   921x1024; 140KB   719x800; 78KB   720x647; 125KB   

Flocculent Spiral Galaxy NGC 2841: -

3897x3044; 7.2MB   2048x1536; 2MB   1920x1200; 1.3MB   1600x1200; 1.2MB   1280x1024; 764KB   1280x1000; 323KB   1024x768; 433KB

SN 1994D Supernova in NGC 4526 Galaxy: -

2608x2608; 713KB   2048x1536; 480KB   1600x1200; 327KB   1280x1280; 133KB   1280x1024; 243KB   1024x768; 153KB   768x768; 46KB

NGC 7742 - A Seyfert 2 Galaxy: -

1280x1277; 208KB   428x427; 82KB

A Tidal Stream around the Splinter Galaxy (NGC 5907): -

1760x2780; 2MB   507x800; 230KB   443×700; 179KB   

An Artist's Illustration of a Tidal Stream: -

999x700; 454KB

Interacting Galaxies NGC 3169 and NGC 3166: -

5403x5403; 14MB   4000x4000; 10.6MB   2048x1536; 967KB   1920x1200; 690KB   1600x1200; 531KB   1280x1280; 185KB   1280x1024; 347KB   1024x768; 215KB

Interacting Galaxies NGC 5754 and NGC 5752: -

2371x2371; 5MB   1280x1280; 515KB   1024x1024; 182KB   800x800; 171KB

Interacting Galaxies NGC 5257 and NGC 5258: -

3614x3614; 9.7MB   1280x1280; 306KB   1024x1024; 85KB   800x800; 105KB

The Mice Galaxies: -

2843×1312; 402KB   1280x591; 70KB   1024x473; 44KB   800x369; 25KB

Colliding Galaxies NGC 2207 and IC 2163: -

1995x2005; 1.6MB   2048x1536; 1.4MB   1920x1200; 1MB   1600x1200; 755KB   1280x1286; 208KB   1280x1024; 453KB   1024x768; 242KB

Arp 272 Colliding Galaxies: -

1052x1052; 1.1MB   1280x1280; 455KB   800x800; 170KB

Arp 194 Colliding Galaxies: -

1270x1522; 2MB   1068x1280; 1.2MB   834x1000; 750KB

Arp 147 Colliding Galaxies: -

1457x1201; 666KB   1280x1055; 1.4MB   1242x1024; 220KB   800x659; 536KB

Stephan's Quintet or Hickson Compact Group 92 (HCG 92): -

6064x6760; 54MB   5382x6000; 41MB   1148x1280; 1.51MB   919x1024; 155KB   897x1000; 849KB   

Various Colliding Galaxies (or Interacting Galaxies): -

6000x4500; 18MB   1280x960; 1.3MB   1024x768; 110KB   800x600; 511KB   640x480; 51KB

The Hubble Deep Field: -

3069x3006; 15MB   1045x1024; 369KB   784x768; 184KB

The Hubble Ultra Deep Field: -

6200x6200; 61MB   1024x1024; 192KB   800x800; 68KB

The Hubble eXtreme Deep Field: -

2382x2078; 1.4MB   1280x1117; 1.6MB   1174x1024; 2.5MB   1000x872; 516KB   960x838; 188KB   880x768; 1.3MB

Hickson Compact Group 87 (HCG 87): -

1500x1483; 344KB   900x725; 38KB

The Tadpole Galaxy (Arp 188): -

2500x2025; 1.5MB   900x729; 124KB   

Mayall's Object or Arp 148: -

1027x1027; 892KB   1280x1280; 473KB   800x800; 179KB

The Cosmic Tinker Bell Triplet (ESO 593-IG 008 or IRAS 19115-2124): -

2048x1536; 773KB   1920x1200; 581KB   1600x1200; 526KB   1280x1170; 198KB   1280x1024; 391KB   1246x1139; 395KB   1024x768; 243KB

The Bird (ESO 593-IG 008 or IRAS 19115-2124): -

2712x2712; 7.32MB   1280x1280; 448KB   800x800; 159KB

. .